0.1.6a released!

This is flagged as an alpha release, indicating it has not gone through full testing.

Fixes in this release:

  • The video renderer selector in the Regionrender setup window no longer shows duplicate items
  • The commandmarker for video renderer is again properly written to the project
  • The cancel button in the RegionRender window now properly cancels rendering

zip TeeVegas-0.1.6a
2013-08-10 | Downloaded 137 times

New site location

If you can read this, your DNS has been a good boy and updated itself to the new home for teevegas.com. Hopefully, site is quicker and more accessible for everyone now.

0.1.5 Released!

  • The file structure has changed! Be sure to remove all TeeVegas-related files from the folders “Script Menu” and “Application Extensions” before unzipping the new release.
  • RegionRender was slightly confused about when to allow “Selection only” rendering. This has been fixed.
  • RegionRender now parses render tags in track and bus names. For example, add {targetdir=c:\temp} (note the curly braces) to a track name to render that track to c:\temp\. This feature works best with Stem mode enabled.
  • Search and Replace has had several bugfixes, and can now search and replace file names. Replacing “foo” with “bar” will change all references to foo.wav to bar.wav in your project.

zip TeeVegas-0.1.5
2012-10-10 | Downloaded 77 times

0.1.4b Released!

0.1.4b is a pure maintenance release — it seems the link to “Set up project for RegionRender” was broken in the 0.1.4 release zip. Apologies!

0.1.4 Released!


  • Adds support for “Selection only.” If a valid time selection contains at least one region, only those regions will be rendered. This setting is saved to registry, not the project.

Additionally, the custom tag system, designed to supersede the “RootDir” system of older versions, is coming along nicely. Expect it within the next update.

zip TeeVegas-0.1.4
2012-08-12 | Downloaded 126 times