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Welcome to Teevegas

TeeVegas is a set of scripts and tools to make Sony Vegas more usable for sound designers. The overall goal is to make Vegas asset-centric, turning it into a solution for creating and manipulating individual sound files, and also to assist in performing tasks that are commonplace in sound design.

A brief overview of the capabilities of TeeVegas:

  • RegionRender — A flexible batch rendering solution with full recall
  • MetaMarkers — Quickly select and randomize takes and variations within samples
  • Search / replace, re-arrange and audition regions before rendering
  • Media management — Collate, re-target and create new versions of your source assets

Currently, TeeVegas is offered as a standalone package, meaning you’ll have to do some gentle hood-popping to get it up and running in Vegas.

Read the documentation for more information.

TeeVegas is offered as-is, free of charge, with limited support. Please direct your questions to the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/TeeVegas) , so that others can benefit from the answers to any questions you may have.